Simon Church to Millwall?

So I’m on my way home from work and scrolling through Twitter, I can see ‘fans’ slaughtering a potential new signing in Simon Church. I’m puzzled, when someone who is of a reasonable age compared to other signings like Fuller is for once targeted and all I see is “Charlton scum”, “Shit striker”. This isn’t going to help convince a player to sign is it?


The same manner in how Scott Malone is now treated, with constant abuse aimed at the player on Twitter, it’s not his fault that 6 months is left on his contract and he then has the chance to get a huge pay rise at Cardiff. For me the blame for this lays with the board, who follow the rule that the manager decides contracts. Yet we are losing players who we bought for good money, Malone cost in the region of 500K + Josh McQuoid! The board have to think what happens when we go through managers, like we have in the last couple of years, that we have to tie down our best assets. Because one day, when we decide to sale the player would command a higher fee than usual. Not only that, from a players view they don’t need to worry about their future. In recent years players like Henry, Trotter, Lowry all of young age and yet ended leaving the club for pennies or in Lowry’s case for free!

Inevitably, strikers are judged on goals and it’s understandable when they are often so hard to find, but I see this potential addition in a positive light. For me, he fits the mould of a front man like Chris Wood, which we desperately need. He can win a ball in the air and not only this, he also has a bit of pace about him and can beat the last line of defence. When playing for Reading he always looked a threat, and to play in the championship and above for his whole career surely this is a player we should respect? With more room to improve in the future consider he is still 26! He could be the partner for Gregory, with a bit of luck and hard work we may have a good partnership up top. Especially with Holloway finally throwing in the towel on his 4-2-3-1 formation on the weekend with both McDonald and Fuller up top.

If you’re reading this and you are against this signing I’d like to know logically why? Not just saying “ah his shit blah blah”.. I genuinely would like to know why? Be supportive of the team and trust the manager, we don’t have any other choice do we? He isn’t going anywhere.

Have a lovely evening.



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