Paul Robinson departs – End of an era at Wall?

So today Paul Robinson has completed his expected move to Portsmouth, putting pen to paper on an 18 month deal. Barring his loan move to Torquay many years ago he has been on the clubs books since the turn of the Millennium, going on to make 362 appearances scoring 23 goals. Of course, the one that stays fresh in the memory is the winner at Wembley in 2010 to send Millwall into the Championship.


The reality is at 32 years of age he is a player that not only doesn’t fit into our current managers philosophy, he is also a player on the decline who in my opinion hasn’t been the same since his long term injury which meant he made only one appearance in the 2012/13 season. He now seems to have found a club for whom he can give his all for and probably at a level which suits his style, coming up against the type of strikers you’d find in the lower leagues. I for one wish him all the best, and hope he comes back one day to the club in another capacity as like Harris, Livermore and Bircham in recent times.


Turning back to how this affects our squad now, while he was indeed out of the XI we now lose another ‘Wall type player, who represents the clubs fans every time he put the shirt on. Fighting for lost causes and when push came to shove you turn to players like Robbo, now we have only a couple left in Forde, Jimmy and Dunne? I leave a question mark next to Dunne as we never know with him, but that’s for another day! But the fact is we now have a team that often fans doubt for their commitment, and rightly so with players like Malone leaving and showing no desire to stay. It leaves us thinking, who can we turn to when we are on a bad run of form? No disrespect to players like Upson and Webster but they don’t get Millwall, and more importantly they don’t get Millwall fans. Yes they are talented footballers but when the chips are down we don’t turn to these players, you need players like Robbo around who get the club and its fans.

I also get why these types of players are being moved on, when you get to the championship you need a balance of players with skill and commitment to the club, because the ultimate aim is to get to the top. But all of this got me thinking.. I’ve been a supporter for most of my life and yes I am in the younger generation, so I thought of my favourite XI from the past 10 years or so, not the best! But players that stood out to me, let me know what you think!


I can’t choose between Dichio and Alexander so we will go with either/or. I am interested to know what you’re team would be so chuck it below!

Thanks for the response of late! Love seeing what you all think!



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