2 wins in 20 – Where’s the fight?

Saturday marked another defeat for the Lions, losing 1-0 to bottom of the table Blackpool… BLACKPOOL! It now leaves us with only 2 wins in the last 20 games this season, coming at home to Cardiff and away to Brighton, both of which stand out as lucky wins. This leaves me thinking what happens next? Can we win a game in the Championship? For some reason, as we were traveling up to Bloomfield Road I went into the game feeling confident, despite knowing it would be a terrible game. I thought we would be the team forcing the game, and we’d leave with the one-nil win. Instead, we rolled over for Blackpool and made it their easiest win of their season, I don’t remember Joe Lewis saving a single shot on goal.


I suppose, if you think with your front line being lead by Ricardo Fuller, you do need a sense of reality, if this is what we can attract and other teams have multi-million pound players up front then we will go nowhere. But this is football, Holloway has proved that he can produce a side for pennies at Blackpool, or was this just luck? I speak for many fans when all we want to see is a team who ‘Have a go’ and fight in games. We want players who care for the club, and once they’re on the pitch they wouldn’t be happy unless they gave 100% every single game. We don’t have many of these characters anymore; I touched on this in my last piece about Robbo. The team that won promotion at Wembley, only Dunne and Forde now survive, the image below shows how much it meant to them to go up. And the characters who would be there to keep morale up, are no longer here. Once the morale was down they would win ugly, fighting for the club.


I can think of 6 or 7 players in that side who would put Fuller in his place after Saturday; Robbo, Tony Craig, Neil Harris, Gary Alexander, Andy Frampton and I’d include Forde and Dunne on this, only just. What Fuller done was shambolic, I don’t have a problem with a response to show he cares but to run over and start to give it back and again when being subbed is disgraceful. We have won 2 games in 20! I amongst a few have been every game and witnessed this, not many fans are made of money at our club, but the least we expect is 11 players on the pitch fighting for the club, they’re representing us on the pitch. If we lost every game by going down fighting I would accept it, if they showed they cared, Sid Nelson was the only player to walk away with any credit and he is 18 years old! At the end he walks over apologising showing how much it means to him, why didn’t Holloway come over and face us? Saturday for me showed for the first time a group of players not playing for their manager, Fuller will be back in the side on Wednesday and Holloway will try cover it up. For me we’ve lost the identity of our club, it’s a shame, I want us to win so much on Wednesday, but we all know we will get turned over by Chelsea’s reserves on the 24th.

It just leaves a pain in me, and it hurts more that this won’t affect the current group of players we have, the sooner Nicky Bailey is back the happier I will be. He brought composure to the side last season in that 8 game run, and he is a big miss in our side. Supposedly Shaun Cummings will be signing today, for me if we lose Wednesday and Saturday with no fight I’d front the cost and sack Holloway before it’s too late.

Be good to know all your thoughts on the weekend and our run of form, have a great week.



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