Jos Hooiveld joining Millwall


New week is now upon us and only a day until we face off against Reading under the lights at The Den. It now appears certain we have a new signing joining the side in Jos Hooiveld, joining from Southampton on loan. An experienced centre half who has been in the Championship previously with the saints when gaining promotion to the Premier League. A good bit of business for us, Holloway has made it clear in recent weeks that he is looking for a new centre half and although it’s a temporary fix, it now brings another option to a defence that has been under performing this season. Options now consist of Beevers, Shittu, Webster, Nelson, Hooiveld and if you consider him Alan Dunne. My pairing for tomorrow night would be Nelson and Beevers, as mentioned in my previous blog I feel the two would compliment each other and do well as a partnership. Additionally both being of a younger age gives a chance for development with abundance of potential. Hooiveld might be in the side too however that’s the 2 I’d choose.

It now begs the question whether we will move on other experienced players like McDonald? Who at the end of last week came to a mutual agreement with the club and left on a free transfer. A high earner at the club, I’m sure it will be a relieve with Scott leaving, however it’s a shame to see him leave as he was often played out of position and did give his all when playing. But with the wages Scott was probably earning, it now allows for more moving around in the market and hopefully we can see a couple more additions along with Hoiveld. As an example you could probably bring in 2 young and hungry players from League One or Two like Cowan-Hall for McDonald. Whether we will do this or not remains another question with Holloway’s unpredictable nature. It wouldn’t surprise me if we moved Shittu and Dunne on this window, both being dropped at a stage when you need your senior players gives me the impression that Holloway has had enough of their performances and who could blame them?

Given the chance who would you move on this window? It seems as if Hoyte is happy to run down his contract and is not in a rush to leave, many people on Twitter question why he is still here, however it’s best to remember a contract needs both parties to cancel the deal. Let’s be honest will Hoyte get a better deal elsewhere? Probably not, so who can blame him for running down the deal and not losing out on money. This mistake lays with the club for allowing these signings to happen under Lomas, despite the manager struggling and facing the sack.

Looking to tomorrow, with a week and a half since the last game it has given Holloway the chance to work with the side, so if we don’t see a much improved side questions should be asked.



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